My Food Obsession

I LOVE food, it’s a bit of an obsession actually. My food obsession started 7 years ago when I did the smartest/hardest thing anyone can do. I quit smoking after 22 years. YAY ME! ~Sound the choir & strike up the band!!!~ My decision came when my lungs started burning any time I exerted energy. When I went to bed at night I couldn’t breathe, it felt like I had concrete in my lungs. In the morning I couldn’t light up fast enough then the cycle would start all over again. Quit smoking was my ONLY course of action.

I really wish I had never started in the first place, it was so hard. The struggle was so excruciating that I will never start again, no matter how many nic fits I have, even 7 years later, (my sister 16 years later). Not only did I go through all the emotional upheaval and stress of quitting I went through physical pain too. 22 years is a lot of toxins to get rid of and they don’t like being homeless. Way worth the struggle though. Support here

When I quit smoking is when I fell in love with taste and F …OOD. You know how they say you gain weight after you quit? They’re right! I think it’s because once taste buds are free its fair game! Smokers get this ~gag~ brown coating on their tongues, it clogs up the taste buds so flavor can’t get through. Quitting clears that up and also clears your nostrils of all that second hand smoke floating up clogging the passage of oxygen. Now you get “fresh” clean oxygen while you’re chewing, which in my opinion is essential to the full tasting experience. Fueling my belief that you eat with all your senses.

Any reason is a good reason to quit

BTW quitting also stops the mind blowing drive to go out for a smoke.

Okay off my ex-smoker soap box and back to … mmm… F… OOD. (But seriously though. Do it become a quitter, you can do eit!).

Take the help

Like I was saying I have a food obsession, and I got chunky. I wasted all kinds of money on food when I fell into the “health foodie” crowd wanting it all, wanting to eating it all and throwing half away in the process too. I bought expensive flours, free range $6.00 a dozen eggs, and only used glass jars. I wasn’t getting any healthier or thinner only broker. So I took stock of what I REALLY needed/wanted in my diet and life. I made out my list and went a hunting for cheap simple ingredient recipes like rice and beans, and perfect roasted chicken.

WOW whoa Nelly now there are a lot of smarter than me people out there, I knew that was the case but now I had the proof. You can find any meal, any cuisine and tons of opinions of what constitutes the perfect chicken. So as to not fall into the same mistake I made when I quit smoking, I really thinned out the mass crowds of cooking information, recipe blogs, expensive ingredient lists and kitchen tips.

My kitchen philosophy is Healthy, Tasty and Simple. Loading myself with nutrient dense foods, simplifying my shopping and adopting healthier cooking practices creates a happier more stable person. Since I’ve started using this philosophy I have lost weight, saved money, cleared up my complexion, boosted my brain power and gained way more energy and mental clarity. I honestly feel better and want to continue on my path. Yes I may fall off the wagon and bounce a bit (a lot) but I always come back to my philosophy, it really is the only way to go. Fresh Fish Salad is my rock and it demands my honesty, attention and you all deserve my best efforts.

Although I must admit sometimes you find that one dish that is so tasty that simple and healthy doesn’t quite fit. Yumminess like My Most Amazing Tomato Sauce  Fresh bread and lava cakes are under the “rules meant to be broken” category. These are things you do when you want to impress the in-laws with your mad skills in the kitchen. So much work but SO worth it. You get to taste the best thing you ever put into your mouth, you get to bask everyone’s awe and wonder, even your own and you get to take a bow for all your hard work and dedication. Well worth it in my books.

An amazing tool to have from here

I’ve learned a thing or two about a thing or two during my “foodie” phase things like picking and choosing what makes sense is smart shopping. Following the dirty dozen is a great idea, buying everything under the sun organic not so much. Sweet potatoes and green house tomatoes are safe without being organic. GMOs? Well come back to me in 15 – 30 years and then tell me if GMOs are good for you or not, until then I would rather stay away from them. Didn’t they tell people in the 40s and 50s that smoking was safe and harmless? I learned that lesson from the antibiotics crazy of 20 years.

I learned that calorie counting is pretty much the most useless thing to waste time on. It doesn’t make much sense and its math! I’m an ingredient list reader. It’s “basic” and easier to understand. And when I say this I mean if you can’t read or pronounce it then don’t ingest it. If it’s the first ingredient it’s the greatest volume ingredient and then it goes down the list from there. So if you are a boarder-line diabetic then doing the calorie math is pure wasted energy when the first or second ingredient is glucose/fructose (sugar).

So how do we simplify the ingredient list? Don’t buy anything with one. I would rather live my life making desert from scratch than a cake made from the box made with things like enriched bleached flour, sugar and monosodium glutamate (msg). Yeah I might get a little gassy when I eat muskmelon but I know what’s in it, and it’s way sweeter than cake.

I set out 7 years ago to make myself healthy, active and happy and out of everything I have learned is only 3 people in this world that care about you and that’s you, your mother and Mother Nature, the Big 3 only want to take your money not save your life.

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