My Food Obsession

I LOVE food, it’s a bit of an obsession actually. My food obsession started 7 years ago when I did the smartest/hardest thing anyone can do. I quit smoking after 22 years. YAY ME! ~Sound the choir & strike up the band!!!~ My decision came when my lungs started burning any time I exerted energy. […]

Ghee: The Magical Fat

Ghee, a good fat, is as old as history itself. Dating back a few thousand years or so and has been found in households and temples throughout India. So highly valued that it has its own hymn, is used to light lamps to honor deities and also to bathe the deities on the appearance day […]

Bone Broth the Original Super Food

Bone broth the original super food. So very old in South America where they’ve made the proverb; “a good broth could resurrect the dead” not quite true but close. It’s a traditional food so old that granny told you stories of her granny making it for her as she tucks you into bed, with a […]

I don’t diet, count calories, or step on a scale.

My secret to happiness? Nutrition. I don’t diet, I don’t count calories and I don’t step on a scale. I once thought I needed to. It was shortly after my separation and I thought I could stand to lose a few pounds, so off to a big name clinic I go. Two hours later, $500.00 […]