Traditional ways to the rescue

Traditional living from my perspective is multiple topics all surrounding modern living with old world ideals. I know history revolves around the struggles of everyday life 100s of years ago but if you look back it was all out of poor or lack of education and clouded observation. Yeah I’m not saying that they didn’t have it tuff but I really wasn’t any tougher than it is now it’s just different. People are still subjugated to someone, for the most part, you have to work for a living to make money right? You have to follow their rules and do as they wish at all times while you’re minutes are ticking away with the punch clock.

At the end of the day you don’t have anything left for the instinct of survival, the rare person cooks a meal start to finish with fresh or home processed products, all we have to do is stop by the store or favorite restaurant grab something quick them go home and chill. Back in the day everyone in the family pitched in to feed, house, clothe and care for everything each needed to survive. I do remember grandparents talking about when they were young and what they did and didn’t do. You respected others out of necessity, if you didn’t things didn’t work out so well for you. I do admit I like the idea of getting bananas in January and putting my milk in the fridge but life is grand if I put an old fashioned touch to it.

Food is, for me, number one on the list of things we need to get back to. Growing and understanding where your food comes from, how it’s processed and made by who is key to knowing and respecting what you do to yourself. I can’t get past the first ingredients in the ingredient lists on packaged foods I learned long ago that processed nutrient deficient foods can and will make you sick even if you don’t know it. Depleting your system of valuable nutritious foods and stuffing it with highly processed, sugar laden and chemically generated foods will accumulate in your blood stream, along your digestive tract, loading fat deposits and chipping away at muscles. Everything our ancestors ate they produced and gathered themselves, if it was processed they did it and the only chipping was when your food fought back.

Mother Nature she’s an unpredictable but divine mistress, what she asks of you she returns and produces tenfold, if you enrich and nurture her soil with safe and helpful hands she will give you your heart’s desire. If people would keep garbage to themselves rather than littering Mother Nature with it she would give everyone the most amazing place to spend their time. Mother Nature really doesn’t ask for much yet she will give so much in return. Clean water our world’s most precious resource is loaded with waste from commercial farms and feed lots and our air is being laden with toxic fumes and grey clouds, if we were to shut down these industries and produce at a very small local scale we could give Mother Nature a fighting chance of restoring herself and living a healthy happy life.

Cooking. One of the most basic skills that every human being should master. Take the time pay attention to what you’re doing, be careful safety is #1 and read the directions in the recipe, even a child with parental supervision can make a pot of oatmeal on the stove if they can see into it. You can start with something as super easy as making soup from my (16 hour chicken broth) and tossing in some chopped up spinach, mushrooms, onions and frozen mixed veggies a very healthy nutrient dense traditional food a.k.a. chicken soup will sooth any wary soul.

Physical activity needs to be a priority in today’s hectic world. It doesn’t matter if your day is physically demanding or full of brain draining tedium every single human being needs to get out and enjoy Mother Nature, I find nothing more precious than emptying my mind and watching the creek close to home flow by. My dog absolutely loves our time walking in Mother Nature and when we get home we both feel at peace, centered and ready for whatever is next. You don’t really have to go very far to get physical, go out to the garden, dig in the soil and make something come alive. Watching a beautiful rose bloom and open up to the day is a Zen moment, marveling at what you helped Mother Nature make happen will swell your heart. I heard that if your heart swells 10 times in a day good things will reward you. Sounds romantic.

The importance community should never be over shadowed by any means. A community is where everyone belongs and no one is left out, a community is where everyone pitches in with their own brand of skills and needs. People within a community are there because they need to be there, they need to be included and they need to be heard and accepted and they want to do so in return. Without a community a struggle is harder to surpass and very lonely, your community can and will give you insight and provide you with answers and options you didn’t know even existed. A community will not only pick you up and dust you off but it will share in the good times too, the birth of your first baby, your 65th anniversary or getting back and forth to the doctor’s office. A community I feel is at the heart of humanity. They say that’s what started civilization it’s what will keep civilization alive.

Getting back to traditional living be it Tradition Chinese Medicines or Ayurveda Teachings, homesteading or making everything yourself will bring you back one step, and move you closer to knowing your future and ways of dealing with it. If you fall back in time to traditional ways you can be filed with a sense of purpose, heart swelling pride and a healthier body. You can do everything anyone could do to improving the quality of life the world over for generations to come.

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