If you haven’t read Ghee the Magical Fat please by all means get here, read that it’ll blow your mind and change the way you saute forever.

You’ll need a medium pot, mesh sieve, a cheesecloth or a nut bag (and a straight face when you’re asking the clerk where to find one) err … I mean … and a bowl.


1 lb. Butter, unsalted preferred

Place your butter into a medium sized pot and medium heat, turn it down if it’s boiling too fast, it should be a nice slow rolling boil. Leave that melt and come to a boil then turn the heat down a notch or two and boil slowly for an hour or so. You can push the milk solids to the side to check on the boiling progress but leave it there. As time goes on you’ll see the colour changing and one of the most wonderful aromas there is to weaken your knees.

After let’s say an hour and a half, give or take, your Ghee should be a beautiful golden colour and smells a little nutty. Pour finished Ghee through a cheesecloth lined sieve over a measuring cup, (you can use a nut-bag or a coffee filter) into a very dry glass jar or crock and leave to the side with the lid off, preferably over night, to make sure that its room temp and not going to cause condensation to form on the lid.

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