Red Bone Broth

You’ll need a 18L roasting pan or an electric roaster, a big strainer and a super large bowl.


5 lbs.   Bones; your choice of red meat beef, lamb, goat, pork or mix it all up

5         Carrots

5         Celery stalks

3 lrg.  Onion, whole; skins on if clean

1         head of Garlic, whole; skins on if clean


Toss everything into the sink and give ’em a wash, then toss ’em into your roaster, cover with water, lid it and set to lowest setting (if using an electric roaster like mine) or 200oF in the oven. (Electric roaster is an energy and oven saver).

If you went to a butcher chances are you are able to get him/her to the bones cut into 2 inch chunks, easier to fit everything into the pot and to get as much nutrients with as little work as possible.

Leave it for 24 – 30 hours. Only take off the lid to skim the foam from the top, not that it’s bad for you just your taste buds. Whatever you do don’t add water for the love of money, but if you do then little amounts at a time so not to water down the broth, just make sure it doesn’t boil out.

Strain the broth and leave sit to the side until room temp. about an hour.

Now step back and take a look at that yummy reddish amber liquid just waiting to provide you with nourishing ingredients or a cup of super-rich beef barley soup on a cold winter’s night.

Divide the broth between jars or whatever you freeze things in and put them into the fridge until completely cold. Place a layer of plastic wrap on the top to help with freezer burn and then you can lid them. Caution I leave 1.5 inches at the top for expansion, for glass jars its mandatory.

When you take it from the freezer leave to defrost overnight in the fridge. Or you can do the ice cube tray thing but man that’ll take forever. I just defrost a jar once or twice a week.

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