Bone Broth the Original Super Food

Bone broth the original super food. So very old in South America where they’ve made the proverb; “a good broth could resurrect the dead” not quite true but close. It’s a traditional food so old that granny told you stories of her granny making it for her as she tucks you into bed, with a nice bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup, when you were home sick from school. You will probably do it for your grandchildren when it’s your turn to pass down the tradition.

What makes bone broth a super food rather than just a wholesome food? Bone broth is nature’s multivitamin loaded with essential and non-essential vitamins, minerals and micro & macro nutrients. It has everything to do with all the good stuff being broken down, liquefied and ready to assimilate. I whole heatedly believe bone broth needs to be a staple in everyone’s kitchen.

Bone broth will restore and maintain a damaged GI tract, a.k.a. leaky gut syndrome. Improving your digestive health and restoring proper functions, will in turn boost your immune system by sealing the stomach and intestinal linings, which stop micro food particles from escaping and getting into the blood stream undigested. This causes the immune system to attack food like it was a pathogen rather than accept it and use it. If everything is working properly your digestive system will gather all that put it where it all belongs and flush out the rest, if it’s not doing its job then everything goes where it wants and does things that it really shouldn’t.

From what I’ve read about leaky gut researchers don’t know what causes it, but since it’s a new illness developed within the last few decades I would assume it’s caused by consuming highly manufactured non-organic “foods”, ill prepared foods and high heat greasy take-outs.

Most packaged foods are synthesized chemical foods which do not resemble anything outside of the lab. People’s stomachs are being attacked by sharp non-organic matter, causing holes to be punched into soft tissues, being attacked by what they’re eating. Biggest problem people don’t even know it, so how can they protect against it? Switching to a wholefoods nutrient dense diet with bone broth twice a day everyday.

Broth will improve your complexion, hair and nails. The low and slow cooking recommendations pull gelatin, collagen and elastin from cartilage, tendons and skin which will support and build up all the little fibers that are between your cells, firming and pulling everything back to where it should be. It will smooth out the pockets of cellulite and the folds of wrinkles knocking years off of your canvas.

Not only will it slow visible signs of aging but will grease up those old joints and bones, it soothes inflammation and loosens muscles. Homemade broths are filled with some, but not all Amino Acids, major building blocks found in quality proteins. Loaded with high amounts of calcium, magnesium and other essential trace minerals you can use to strengthen and restore proper function and these are also essential to your body; therefore needs to be consumed.

It’s just like granny says her chicken soup will cure what ails you. It’s especially true in the case of cold and flu. The amino acids found in Bone broth reduces inflammation and loosens congestion and being a liquid it’s readily available and easy to absorb.

The mucus is thinned out by the amino acids making it much easier for you to hack it out. This also falls in line with helping your digestive system because if your digestive system can flush out all the ickies then it’s no longer there to pollute you.

Homemade vs. Store Shelf. You will only get the benefits of bone broth if it’s homemade and not manufactured. Homemade like in my 16 hour chicken broth cooks low and slow for hours giving the bones, marrow, cartilage, tendons and ligaments time to soften and release all their power unto us. Keep in mind 16 hours is a minimum for softer bones such as poultry, fish and seafood. Red meat bones are thicker and harder than chicken and needs at least 24 to 30 hours to release it all.

With the addition of your favorite vegetables adding their fair share of goodness, you are consuming a super power house of nutrition that’s easy to get into you. I have a combo I use in almost everything Carrots for their carotenoids and other antioxidants, cardiovascular benefits, anti-cancer properties and not to mention your eyeballs. Celery because it’s an anti-inflammatory, has anti-oxidation values and a very good source of polyphenol content. Onions are my all-time favorite cooking vegetable, for me its health benefits make it essential to be in everything and garlic the superhero of my quartet what garlic can’t do really has never been a subject I’ve read. Garlic is anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, amazing for your respiratory system, digestive system, loaded nicely for your blood stream and my boyfriend’s worst enemy, his Kryptonite if you will.

I have a plastic shopping bag in my freezer and I chuck my scraps into that, except garlic and onions I will only ever use those fresh, then when I have a full bag I can toss bones and scraps into the crock and 16 hours later I have a broth ready for assimilation.

A few years ago broths were all the rage and everyone was drinking it for breakfast. I haven’t seen any new articles boasting its super health status for a few years and I think that’s a shame and would like to make a revival of this wondrous nutrient dense food. I’ve been making homemade broth for years and tried many different ways but so far my 16 Hour Chicken Broth is the best and simplest’ and my Red Meat Broth is so rich it’ll make your eyes roll.

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