16 Hour Chicken Broth

Please if you have not read my Bone Broth the Original Super Food check it out it’ll change everything when you need it most.

You’re going to need … Slow-cooker, strainer and a large bowl.


2        Chicken Thighs (bone-in) or the bones of a roasted chicken

2         Carrots, snapped in half

2         Celery stalks, snapped in half

1 lrg.  Onion, whole; skins on if clean

3         Garlic Cloves, whole; skins on if clean


Toss everything into the sink and give ’em a wash, then toss ’em into your slow-cooker, cover with water, lid it and set to low.

Leave it for 16 hours. Only take off the lid to skim the foam from the top, not that its bad for you just your taste buds and whatever you do don’t add water for the love of money.

16 hours later strain the broth and leave sit to the side until room temp. about an hour. You can shred the chicken and save it to put into your next pot of soup, or dress it up for sandwiches.

Now step back and take a look at that gorgeous golden liquid just waiting to provide you with nourishing ingredient or a cup of wonderful chicken soup on a cold winter’s night

Divide the broth between jars or whatever you freeze things in and put them into the fridge until completely cold. Place a layer of wrap on the top to help with freezer burn and then you can lid them. Caution I leave 1.5 inches at the top for expansion, for glass jars its mandatory.

When you take it from the freezer leave to defrost over night in the fridge.



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